Fort Myers Beach Farmers Market

The Fort Myers Beach Farmers Market is one of the main events that truly characterizes the fun and community-oriented atmosphere of this coastal town.

It is a vivid celebration of local food as well as local arts and culture, bridging charitable, humanitarian and community goals into one.

It’s one of the town’s proudest achievements, and you can see that passion and community commitment unfold every Wednesday at 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Below is a definitive look at Fort Myers’ finest farmer’s market.

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Community Outreach

The farmer’s market is locally known as the Beach Baptist Farm’s Market, but it is not fully spearheaded by a single local church. It is a group effort, promoted and led by the Beach Baptist Church. Many locals who own Fort Myers vacation homes participate in the local market and the efforts it helps promote.

The market itself is a collective of groups and people, regardless of denomination, who give back to the community in both donation time and money.

Sales at the event help promote local food banks, church retreats for Beach Baptist Church, daycare coverage for families who can’t afford it, and more. Funds from the market are directly used to offer free Sunday breakfasts at Beach Baptist Church.

Ultimately, the event is about community outreach, giving people of all ages an opportunity to thrive, grow, and learn. Sales help the homeless with food and free meals, young mothers in need of daycare, and young people who want to outreach.

What is at the Market?

Typically, you can expect to find a rich selection of produce and seafood. There’s a French bakery, Guatemalan Coffee (the best kind) and fresh crepes made-to-order.

Visitors may also run into some local barbeque sauce and, and the highly sought after guacamole from Dynasty Guacamole. Both can be tasted on site or taken home. Other highlights include the fresh onions, tomatoes, beets, corn, artisanal bread, and other local produce.

On the art side of things, there’s a lovely mix of photography and hand-crafted art from leading artisans. This includes jewelry, local photography, hand-made clothing, and an assortment of beach-oriented knickknacks, souvenirs, and decorations.

There’s a local art focus at the market, something that can be hard to find at other shops that rely primarily on vendors from other states and areas. Visitors can also find reclaimed lobster rope, soy candles, specialty soaps, and more.

Business cards and additional information are available from many vendors on site. Most of them have shipping options available at an additional cost or free of charge.

You can often buy something at the market and have it shipped, or visit the Etsy pages, Facebook pages, or specific websites of the vendors to find inventory that may not be brought to the market every week.

Vendors may offer discounts to repeat buyers or offer discount codes from the market that can be used online or at a later date. It’s an excellent chance to snag some amazing crafts, art, food, gourmet cooking items, and souvenirs at a major discount while supporting multiple good causes.

Time and Place

The market is every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from October through April. It is located at 130 Connecticut St, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 – you can’t miss the many white tents.

There is a free parking lot available near the market, but it can fill up fast. It is recommended that you park there for a maximum of four hours at a time to show consideration for others.

The Beach Farmers Market is one of many outdoor Fort Myers events worth your time while the air is warm and the sun is beaming.

Take a vacation to Fort Myers Beach to find a number of other outdoor and manmade coastal attractions, fascinating historic sites, and remarkable beaches.