Book Direct and Save

When you’re planning a vacation, cost is always a factor. Do you book direct or go through a third-party provider?

You can save quite a bit of time, energy, and money by booking directly with a vacation rental company instead of introducing a needless third-party entity.

Below is a quick look at both options and how you can save money by booking direct vs. going through a third-party resource.

Book Direct and Save || TriPower Vacation Rentals in Fort Myers Beach FL

Book Direct

When you book directly with a vacation rental provider, whether online or over the phone, you will always get a lower cost than a third-party rental resource.

They get you into one of the most appropriate Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals for your needs, but they can also help provide you ideas of things to do, popular nearby destinations, restaurant recommendations, and what you should avoid.

Not only that – they are also available to you throughout your vacation to answer questions and ensure you are having the experience you are hoping for. Consider this in contrary to the horror stories that are often heard about with third-party travel apps and websites.

Third Party Resources

Third party platforms such as HomeAway, AirBnB, VRBO,, and FlipKey are designed to make things appear easy. And perhaps they are.

BUT… it’s a convenience that comes at a cost. These middle entities control the transaction. It slows down any potential solutions because you have a middle party to facilitate the arrangement. You don’t have direct access to where you’re actually staying.

Money is often held by third-parties prior to releasing it to the main provider. If a financial problem comes up, you don’t have one direct entity to deal with, you have two. Furthermore, you may not have a direct contact number for an individual to reach out to who can answer specific questions about your rental.

When considering costs, you need to know that third-party resources include added fees in place for their platform services on top of the costs from the vacation booking. These are often included under “service fees,” and they increase the cost of any vacation booking.

But when you book direct with a vacation rental company, you get an experienced representative who lives in the community and knows exactly what it has to offer. You’ll always get a much better rate on your vacation rental – without having to deal with extraneous fees and lack of service. Any needs are funneled through a single direct channel, getting rid of the middleman and saving you time and money along the way.

Benefits of Booking Fort Myers Beach Property Rentals Directly

It’s always helpful to get ideas and collaborate with someone who knows the best Fort Myers restaurants, the quietest beaches, how to navigate the town, and more. As a Florida vacationer, what are some basic benefits of working with a direct provider?

  • A direct point of contact, a real person, for various needs and concerns.
  • A single-payment outlet. You don’t have to juggle multiple payments.
  • A dedicated service provider available to help with all your vacation needs.
  • Direct safety and protection not filtered through a third-party agency or website.
  • Travel tips and assistance in multiple areas, from activities to rentals, directions and more.

When you book direct, you have access to everything under one umbrella. You are not left to just figure it out. Vacation rental companies are a resource to learn about the community, get what you need for your vacation rental, and maximize the experience of your vacation escape.

With this approach, you can focus on having a family-friendly experience without worrying about who is behind your booking, the availability of your host, where to go once you are here, and more.

Want a reputable provider who can connect you with personalized, efficient and conveniently located Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals? Want to avoid the mishaps and complications that can arise from going through a third-party provider?

Start your vacation dreams right by booking efficiently, safely and with full support the entire way. To save from having to pay unnecessary high fees, book direct with TriPower. Check out our vacation rentals today!