Turtle Time on Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is blessed each year with the presence of Sea Turtles from May 1st through October 31st for nesting season, referred to as “Turtle Time”. Our beach is a vital area for sea turtles to create nests for their eggs to hatch.

It is absolutely essential to play your part in protecting the sea turtles by following a few simple rules:

1) Turn Off the Lights

* Close blinds & curtains
* Turn off exterior lighting
* Refrain from using flashlights or phone lights

2) Clear the Beach

* Remove your beach future & other obstructions
* Fill large holes that were dug

3) Do Not Disturb

* Do NOT touch turtle nests, eggs or hatchlings
* Do NOT shine lights of any kind on nests, eggs or hatchlings
* Do NOT walk through areas roped off or marked with sticks in the sand

Following these rules will prevent the mother sea turtles and babies from becoming blind, injured or lost. These rules are a Fort Myers Beach town ordinance, and could result in fines if not followed. For more information on sea turtles or these rules, visit turtletime.org