Self-Guided Historic Tours Near Fort Myers Beach

With dozens of fascinating historic buildings and extensive tales of Florida’s earliest years of settlement, Fort Myers is an epicenter of wonderful history and character. The many available guided tours can be a convenient option where you can learn about the remarkable stories that have helped turn Fort Myers into a quintessentially American history town.

However, some travelers prefer to go out on their own and explore the attractions and history of the city on their own time. Below are some tips for going out a self-guided Fort Myers historic tour to see some of the more interesting sites.

Fort Myers Beach historic sites

Centennial Park and the Nearby Historic Attractions

Centennial Park (2000 W First St, Fort Myers, FL) is the perfect starting point to visit for a historic tour of the area. The area is loaded with historic sites nearby within walking distance and beautiful views of the Caloosahatchee River. The park itself offers several amenities and things to do including a playground, pier and picnic area, and you’ll want to check out it’s centerpiece: a sculpture commemorating the friendship between Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone.

Visitors to Centennial Park can go for a rewarding walk to some of Fort Myers’ best attractions nearby. About seven blocks southeast of Centennial Park is the fascinating and ever-popular Edison & Ford Winter Estates (2350 McGregor Boulevard). Here you can explore 21 acres of gardens, sculptures, and stories of the history that brought Thomas Edison and Henry Ford together.

Or you can choose to head northeast from the park along First Street to the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center (2301 First St). This is one of the most visually stunning constructions in Fort Myers, featuring neo-classical architecture. The building was first constructed in 1930, making it a landmark, and the exterior is filled with photo worthy décor elements.

The Burroughs Home and Gardens (2505 First Street) is also just a few blocks away and a must-see historic site. Guided tours of the grounds are available inside this historic property if you wish to get more insight on its background and see the interior. The mansion dates back to the early 1900s, and it remains a window into post-Civil War era Fort Myers wealth to this day.

Afterwards, make the short trip to the Heitman House (2577 First Street) which was built in 1908 as an engagement gift. A fascinating site, this old house is a popular spot for weddings and special events with the sprawling gardens.

The Edison Bridge, named after Thomas Edison, can be seen from the waterfront. It turns into Fowler St. once it reaches Fort Myers, and it is 55 feet tall. There are many more historic sites and landmarks in the area to see of course.

The Ghost Tales of Fort Myers

Fort Myers is also steeped in mysterious haunted sites and ghost tales that are always worth checking out if that type of attraction sparks your interest. True Tours (2200 First Street) offers a Haunted History Tour package for visitors that you can get more information about by calling (239)-945-0405.

True Tours guides guests through many historic sites, so you’ll be able to cross out several items on your must-see list. Of course, you can always choose to see the sites on your own, and you may not get a very detailed account of the stories without a guide, but you can see the attractions at your own pace such as the supposedly haunted First National Bank Building (2248 First Street), with a little ghostly ambiance to spice it up.

You can find any information you need about Fort Myers and its many other wonderful historic attractions by contacting us at (800)-806-4586. Our many Fort Myers vacation rentals offer an ideal extended time away from the cold and snow up north and let you experience these attractions and many others in the utmost comfort.