Bowditch Point Park

After working hard, it’s well worth it to rest your nerves and spend some quality time with your loved ones on a vacation to Fort Myers Beach. Having a picnic and a casual outing by the waterside at Bowditch Point Park (50 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL) is a natural stress reliever with the remarkable peace and tranquility of the surroundings.

Following it up with a boating, fishing or kayaking journey is even better. This hidden gem of a park is located near many Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals and is considered to be one of the top family friendly attractions on the island.

bowditch point park

All-in-One Adventure at Bowditch Point Park

Bowditch Point Park is ideal for vacations, picnics and weekend getaways, with an array of recreational activities amidst picturesque views to create long-lasting memories and some beautiful photos.

Situated at the northern tip of Estero Island, the park has full facilities catered to the needs of families. There are tables and grills for picnicking, restrooms, outdoor showers, as well as a boardwalk and village deck for group events. There is a kayak launch conveniently located at the park as well.

A Perfect Place to Spend a Vacation Day

Whether it’s a family outing, a weekend getaway or social gathering, few other parks offer better facilities than Bowditch Point Park on Estero Island.

The island trolley runs right there for your convenience. The park isn’t overwhelmingly big, with 17 acres designated for recreational purposes. The views at the park are another one of the top reasons to visit, as you can see Sanibel Island, San Carlos Bay, Punta Rassa, Bunche Beach as well as some truly incredible sunsets and ocean views.

Gaze at the beauty of the waves, diverse bird species and surrounding natural features. From the cool breeze, to the white beach sands, to the remarkable views, to a full range of outdoor activities, you will be exhausted after immersing yourself in the attractions of Bowditch Point Park.

It’s well worth stopping by for a picnic during one your vacation days for the opportunity to watch rare birds and go fishing at the docks to add a local catch of the day to your lunch menu. The views and activities here offer a unique kind of tranquility that will soon make you forget about your worries.

Boating and Fishing Activities

Boats can be rented directly south of the park at the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina (275 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL).

Choose between Grady White fishing points and Pontoon Boats that can seat up to 10 people if you’re bringing extra friends or the extended family along.

You can also rent fishing poles, purchase bait & tackle, kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles here for reasonable rates – ensuring that all of your outdoor sport needs at the park and elsewhere are covered.

Next to Top Vacation Rentals

Bowditch Point Park is also located near some of the best and most affordable Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals that we currently have available.

Nearby equipment rentals allow the opportunity to indulge in the full range of activities available at the park, such as kayaking, swimming, fishing or canoeing without having to bring much of anything from home.

Don’t Miss Bowditch Point Park

Experience much of the fun, sporting activities and natural beauty of Fort Myers Beach in one place at Bowditch Point Park.

It is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to family friendly attractions on this island. From fishing to scenic picnics, kayaking, birding, swimming, and simple relaxation, this park paradise has an array of outdoor adventures to fill your schedule.

Best yet, the park is right by some of our top Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals. Contact (800)-806-4586 to get booked into an exclusive place for your family, so you can soak in the sights and jump into the activities at Bowditch Point Park.