When is National Sandcastle and Sculpture Day?

Look in the small print of a store-bought calendar and you are certain to find some unique holidays. Search for even a minute on the web, and you can discover Be Kind to Humankind week in August, flip a Coin Day in June, and National Brownie Day December 8th.

While some of these holidays or celebrations are state-recognized, you probably won’t be able to get off work for the day.

You can add National Sandcastle and Sculpture Day to the list. The day may not be as fun-and-chocolate-filled as National Brownie Day in December, but it is certainly a little sunnier.

The National Sandcastle and Sculpture Day is not an officially recognized national holiday, but it earned the “national” tag by sheer willpower.

The people of Fort Myers love sandcastles, sculptures, and the beach. You can see all this excitement for yourself on August 19th on the shores of Fort Myers Beach.

When is National Sandcastle and Sculpture Day?

What Do You Do?

So it is August 19th and you find yourself in the wonderful shores of Fort Myers Beach at the tail end of summer.

What do you do? The holiday is informal and casual. There is no official “anything” you need to do! But you will find plenty of people covering the beaches and setting aside some space to build an epic sandcastle. You can join them on the fun.

Mix water with sand to get the density you need. Pour water softly over your castle and shape it upwards, starting from the outside. Build a strong base to make sure it doesn’t collapse down as you continue scaling upward and outward.

You also don’t have to make a sandcastle. You can embrace the “sculpture” side of the holiday by putting together a model of a favorite character or a family member. Some people like to build peculiar structures or just dig the deepest hole they can. Just watch out for sand crabs that like to bury down and escape the summer heat!

Need a little inspiration? Go to Pinterest to see what else people have made. Give us a call to hear some fun-filled stories about the castles and sculptures we have famously seen on Fort Myers Beach.

A Full Holiday Weekend

If you feel compelled or happen to be in the area, you can start this informal holiday at Times Square in Fort Myers Beach the night before. For the entire summer, the city is hosting their summer sunset celebrations.

Come by Saturday, August 18th to the main shopping area of Times Square at 1133 Estero Blvd #4 to gear up for the big day.

The event features live music, food, and activities for all ages from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. You can then follow-up the evening fun with a Sunday afternoon on the beach for Sandcastle and Sculpture Day.

Building Sandcastles and Having Fun

There is no reason why you have to wait until August 19th to make a sandcastle. People come by all the time to scale the walls of their own little castle on the sand.

The beaches are big and wide, allowing you plenty of space to have the kids romp around, join in some social activities, and enjoy every bit of the vacation experience.

You could even come by in the winter along with the many others who try to escape the cold and head to Florida. The 32nd annual American Sand Sculpting Championship and Beach Festival is November 16th to the 25th at Fort Myers Beach.

There will be professional sandcastle builders competing for prizes, as well as amateur competitions for everyone. Bounce houses, slides, and vendors will cover the beach and the nearby courtyards.

The event features some of the top master sand sculptors in the world along with hundreds of amateurs, with over 40 works of art on display. More details can be found as the event approaches on the official website.

You can experience the special sandcastle and sculpture day, as well as many other seasonal events, while staying at one of our acclaimed Fort Myers vacation condo rentals.

See the ocean from your patio. Head out for the day and explore all that Fort Myers has to offer, knowing you have a wonderful view and comfortable, modern accommodations to come back to.