What is the Weather Like in Fort Myers Beach?

Sun, warm weather, blue skies; what more could you ask for while on vacation? The Fort Myers Beach weather forecast may vary from season to season, but you can always find something to do. Tourists often prefer clear days with limited rainfall and comfortable temperature. Based on these findings, the best time to visit Fort Myers Beach is late January until early May or late October to late December. However, if you are planning on coming strictly to enjoy some great weather, then we have some pointers.

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Winters in Fort Myers Beach, running December 8th to March 1st, are classified as the cool season. The temperatures range from 75°F during the day and drop to 55°F at night. Usually, the drops are not too drastic, and the lows are usually only felt in January, which tends to be the coldest month. The beaches aren’t too packed during the day, giving you plenty of spots to choose from. If you are still looking for some swim-time in the cooler evenings, many of our Fort Myers Beach house rentals have a heated pool on-site 


Spring in Fort Myers Beach is the ideal time to visit regarding the weather. The temperatures are a little steadier, generally sitting between 77°F and 87°F for the day and dropping to around 60°F to 70°F in the evening. Spring is situated within the “clearer” part of the year, where cloud coverage isn’t something to be too concerned about, as the humidity hasn’t set in yet.

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The winds and water temperature are also steady. While you may experience some breezy days with eastern winds, the Gulf tends to sit at around 74°F to 78°F. 


The hot season usually lasts about 4.5 months, from May 19th to October 4th, with temperatures ranging from 87°F to 90°F in the day and dropping to 71°F in the evening. Due to the increase in humidity during this season, the cloud coverage can be a little more present. While the temperature may only raise to 90°F, the humidex can usually have this much higher. If you need a break from the heat, many of our Fort Myers Beach condo rentals have central air, and a shaded lanai to lounge and relax. 

The hot season also tends to be the wetter season, with a 43% chance of any day having rain. Due to the increase in humidity, these tropical rains happen more often, but also tend to last short periods of time. Some afternoon storms may only last 30 minutes and then clear up again. Don’t let the possibility of rain deter you from visiting Fort Myers Beach.


The temperature during the fall season is what keeps people coming back. While the humidity is no longer present, the temperatures are still nice and warm. The average temperature is 87°F during the day, dropping to 73°F in the evening. Due to the drop in humidity, you also tend to see fewer clouds during this season. The rainfall is also lessened as well. 

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The fall season is when the winds tend to start picking up. Starting around September 23rd and lasting 7 months, the average day sees winds of up to 8.1 miles per hour. Those slight winds, rolling in from the east, tend to make the Gulf feel warmer due to the air temperature dropping slightly below the water temperature, so it’s a great time to head to the beach. The water sits at an average temperature of around 82°F until October 9th. No matter what time of year you visit, there’s a Fort Myers rental calling your name!