Good time

First I would like to say we plan on returning to this property for a future vacation if its available as the property is for sale. I wanted to offer information about access to the beach. There is a protected wildlife area between the property and the oceans edge. There are bushes that range from 2-6 feet high along a very long portion of the shore line at this end of the island. In the middle of this bush area is body of water kind of like an elongated pond. The depth of the water varies on the tide but for the most part it isn’t something you can walk through so you have to go around it. Going south there is a path that varies from a short paved area to a lot of sticks and leaves as well as sand. It winds back and forth with a short wood bridge over the water. It would be difficult to manage this path with a wagon to carry your stuff to the beach. Going north its also a back and forth path also not easy to manage with a wagon. These paths are not short and would be a commitment if bringing beach chairs. Also we were never able to find our way for a walk on the beach after sunset. We found it easier to walk down the sidewalk approx 10 properties to a beach access. There isn’t actually beach you can lounge around close to the property.