4 Affordable Restaurants Near Fort Myers Beach

What is one of the trickiest parts of any vacation getaway? With all the possible fun things to do in Fort Myers Beach, you can quickly blow through your budget. How can you have a grand vacation experience while keeping things affordable?

Well, you have to eat. Thankfully, Fort Myers beach has at least four popular (and affordable) places to dine where you can get a fulfilling and tasty meal without resorting to fast food and without breaking the bank.

4 Places to Eat on a Dime || TriPower Vacation Rentals in Fort Myers Beach FL

Heavenly Biscuit

Location: 110 Mango St, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

The first thing you will notice about the Heavenly Biscuit café is its Old Florida whimsy. Sitting at a quiet corner block in a classic cottage-style home, this authentic town bakery is the best place to go for down-home pastries, southern-styled biscuit sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and an assortment of breakfast classics.

This daytime eatery is only open from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day, and closed on Mondays. You can grab a sandwich, coffee, and a side for under $10 to $15 per person.

Tuckaway Café

Location: 2301 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Tuckaway Café couldn’t have a more fitting title. This cozy café is hidden away about a block off of Estero Blvd along the beach and a few blocks up from the local library. You get a small piece of comfort dining while visiting this espresso bar and breakfast joint.

Take a seat in the outdoor patio area or lounge in the cool café hangout area with your laptop and some friends. Tuckaway Café is known for its welcoming atmosphere and colorful décor. It is also a great spot to check out a bit of the town’s character outside the big tourist locations.

This calm café is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day without fail.

Mom’s Restaurant

Location: 2450 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Want an authentic plate of biscuits and grits? Want a tasty egg sandwich with some meat and cheese for under $6?

Mom’s Restaurant has two major defining traits. It is affordable and nostalgic, a delicate infusion of some breakfast and lunch staples all at the accessible cost of under $7 for almost every item.

Mom’s Restaurant keeps it affordable yet consistently high in quality by using local-sourced items and fresh foods. The small operation has low overhead, with a small dining area and a bar area to make an order.

Mom’s is straightforward tasty food, no frills. Grab a pastry on your way in our out from the bar window. The location is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Sundays, 8 a.m. to noon on Mondays, and closed on Tuesdays.

Reese’s Restaurant

Location: 1661 Estero Blvd #7, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Reese’s keeps it low-key. The beverage menu includes either juice or coffee in the morning and beer or wine in the afternoon and evening, in a handful of different styles. The American-styled sandwiches are huge and all available at affordable prices. You can order a seafood omelet for breakfast or a smoked sausage sandwich for lunch.

This unassuming and quaint café is located in the Key Estero Shops building. Skip the expensive restaurants and stop by Reese’s for a quick and affordable bite in a fun little café space.
You will find Reese’s open from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day.

Use any of the above places to cut back on expenses for a meal. It’s always helpful to plan your vacation escape with a clear budget and stick to it – and cooking most of your meals in a vacation rental can be a convenient way to do exactly that.

But it can always be nice to go out to eat at one of the Fort Myers Beach restaurants for an affordable lunch or dinner, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities here.

We have plenty of places to stay that are reasonably priced, pet-friendly, spacious, or located on or near the beach.

Our Fort Myers Beach property rentals give you access to top activities and many welcoming amenities – along with always being near amazing inexpensive eats like these and many more.