We LOVE Fort Myers

We stayed 2 weeks in 605A…..what a beautiful unit !! It had all the amenities one could want. The view was spectacular and on several mornings i watched porpoises putting on quite a show from our balcony !! A few adjustments to the room could me made…the bookcase should be secured to the wall for safety, could never figure out the ice maker….ice production was spotty but we seemed to have enough for our evening cocktails🥰… the make- up mirror would be much better if it were lowered just a bit. I’m 5’7” and had to stand on my tiptoes to be able to see into it ! The mattress is very, very firm so be prepared. All of these things were minor and truly did not affect our enjoyment of our trip !! The only BIG complaint i have is not with our unit or TriPower but more with EBTC….it is clearly posted at the pool that chairs are not to be “ saved”. There was a group of ADULTS that arrived our second week that monopolized the best sunning chairs at the pool EVERYDAY !! Someone from their “ party” would be there as soon as the pool opened and placed towels on 11 chairs/ table so no one else could use them. Many times there would be no one present, or perhaps 1 person to watch out to let you know they were taken. On our last day, they again monopolized 11 chairs and only 2-3 people were there all day !! PLEEEASE, ITS NOT HIGH SCHOOL WHERE THE “ COOL KIDS” RULE !! All in all it was a great trip and we plan to return !!!