Perfect Condo and Perfect Location

My husband and I decided to vacation in the States this year due to covid. We decided on Fort Myers Beach since he’s never been. After weeks of searching online, we decided to choose Vacation Villas #134. This place is so PERFECT we want to purchase it. It was absolutely immaculate and everything was in order. It has more amenities inside than one could ask for. Actually there are more pots and pans than in our own home. We stopped at Walmart prior to arriving here to get all of the items we “thought” we’d need such as paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, trash bags etc. We were pleasantly surprised after arriving as there were ample enough supplies already stocked in the condo. Most of the items we purchased we did not even have to use so we are going to “pay it forward” and leave our items here for either the owner or other tenants. One thing that did cause us stress day in and day out prior to arriving was if/how/where we could rent beach chairs and umbrellas as I have skin cancer and we love to sit out at the beach all day and swim, read, eat our sack lunch etc but we needed shade. Low and behold, the owner did not let us down here either. There were actually 3 beach chairs, an umbrella and a cart to haul everything down to the beach. This just made our day. The beach is beautiful and just a very short walk away. It’s very quiet and peaceful. If you’re looking for the wild and craziness, go down to the opposite end by the Pier because you won’t find it here. There were all very nice couples and families around this area. It was amazing. The Gulf of Mexico had an abundance of sea creatures that we got to swim with. 2 days in a row, we had a large school of stingrays swimming back and forth in knee-high water. It was a surreal experience and they were so docile and beautiful. Luckily we got a video and several pictures of this as we’re sure our friends would never believe us. We saw a starfish that washed to shore when the tide went out but safely got that fellow back into deeper waters. When walking out into the water, you’ll find more sand dollars than imaginable. They are everywhere. You need to be very careful when walking in the water because they are alive and if you step on them and crack their shell, they will die. They are beautiful though (and harmless). There is an abundance of seashells if you love searching for these treasures like we do. The Gulf water is very very warm until you go about shoulder depth. Then it cools down maybe a tad. You can walk forever at knee-high waters tho until it starts to get deeper. The inside of the condo was decorated perfectly. It was very classy and “beachy.” All of the decor was perfect and it certainly was welcoming. The balcony/porch was awesome and had a perfect view of the beach and the gorgeous sunsets. There is even a ceiling fan out above the table which helped with the heat/humidity. The bed was very comfy. The walk down to Times Square and the Pier is about a mile down. We walked one night but by the time we got to our restaurant, the humidity did us in. It felt like we ran a marathon. We walked on the sidewalk but perhaps it would’ve been cooler if we walked along the beach. All in all I’d say it’s better to walk tho as parking availability is very hard to find and it is also pricey. I would recommend at least once going down to walk thru Times Square and check out the cool little bars, restaurants and shops (if you don’t mind crowds). Bowditch, the public park, is right next door. The grounds are very well maintained and it has a lot of amenities like restrooms, showers etc The overall grounds are very well maintained. There are 2-3 gas grills (we didn’t use these), a foot shower from your walk back to the condo and from what we understand, a saltwater pool. We haven’t used it yet, however. There is a deep end (8.5 feet) if you are into that which is great. Every pool nowadays only seems to go up to 5.5 feet….boring. The pool is also meticulously cleaned and serviced. There is an elevator here as well as a cart to haul your luggage. If I had 2 things that I’d do differently (and this has no way to do with the actual unit or the owner), I’d paint the outside of the building a light, bright color. Most of the cottages and resorts around here are pale blue, pink etc and it looks perfect for a town like this. The other item is parking. The lot is ridiculously small for all the units in this building. Spots are reserved and have numbers on them for the corresponding units. Other than those things, this place is PERFECT and we’d rate it 10 stars if we could. We cannot thank the owner enough for opening their beautiful condo up to all of us. Like I said, it was perfect for my husband and I and we certainly have been talking about whether the owner is willing to sell. It has everything we need plus some. It’s perfect for 2 people. After all, this is a 1 bedroom condo. We both highly recommend this property and plan on renting this unit every time we visit Fort Myers. It’ll make our pre-planning much easier knowing this unit has everything we need and don’t have to pack and/or buy household items. The rental company also was very easy to work with. The responded to emails very timely and we thought they were good at what they do.