Beautifully decorated vacation home! The moment we walked in we just felt like it’s so homey and welcoming. Great home design that allows everybody to have their own space if they want it. Loved the beautiful screened-in porches on the front and back of the home. Peaceful spots to relax and recharge at night. Refreshing breezes. Just makes your worries melt away. Spacious high ceilings (seems like 15 to 20 feet high) and windows allow lots of natural sunlight into the home. You can see the bay and boats from the home office, so peaceful. The downstairs area was great for us because we traveled with my son and his friends and they were able to have their own space where they weren’t too loud if we were watching a movie up on the main floor… And that downstairs room there’s a ping pong table and a TV that leads out to the back pool area and deck, a good space for people to hang out if they want to stay up later without disturbing the rest of the people staying here. We also loved it because sometimes when you go on trips, you’re trying to coordinate what everybody wants to do when you only have one car to go to places and it makes it a little bit hectic… at “Freshly Squeezed” everything’s within walking distance and there’s something for everybody to do and to come and go as they desire…whether that be to go walk to a restaurant, walk to the beach, or go for a bike ride. Matter of fact there’s a bike shop right around the corner and renting bikes is very reasonable…We had fun biking on the beach – one of our favorite things to do! Sun on your face – breeze through your hair and exercise! Again, this house is gorgeous and it offers so much variety with lots of options for everyone. The one drawback we noticed was there are 3 flights of stairs in this home, but the elevator made it easier to go between floors. Someone else mentioned in their review about the 18-in black and white birds. Our whole family found that to be a treat because they would mysteriously hide in the trees. We even saw an iguana about 20 ft up and sleeping on a branch. It was like we were in a tropical aviary with all of the variety of wildlife that we could see right from the porches and back deck.