Additional Information


At this time, we are waiving all cancellation fees and automatically canceling any reservations scheduled for 2022.

If you booked through a third party (Airbnb, VRBO, etc..) please request your cancellation through them. Once the cancellation request is sent, we will be notified to accept, which then initiates the refund process.

If you booked through TriPower directly please send us an email stating that you wish to cancel, be sure to add your reservation number. Once the cancellation email is received, the refund process will begin.


If you purchased travel insurance, please contact them to start a claim as they will be the ones to refund you. Please note, this must be done after you request a cancellation.

If you purchased travel insurance through Generali, you can file a claim online here:

Please be patient with refunds. With the large influx of requests, our bookkeeping team must continue to process them chronologically month by month. We understand that this may be frustrating. Please refrain from initiating a chargeback as this complicates the process and will only cause the refund process to take longer. We promise we will be working with each and every guest and apologize for the inconvenience.


If you wish to keep your reservation for 2023, please be patient as we are assessing the status of all of our properties. In the meantime, please send an email stating that you wish to keep your reservation to

We truly hope that we are able to host you in the vacation rental properties you loved, but only time will tell. We will be notifying guests on the status of the unit as soon as we become aware. If the unit is unable to be rented, we will provide you with other options or a refund.


  • Our listings were temporarily removed from third party channels. If you need to see the property you booked, please visit our website TriPower Vacation Rentals.

Again, thank you all so much for your support and patience as we try to rebuild stronger than ever.


TriPower Vacation Rentals